Americarwash is proud to offer you the best Ceramic Coatings on the market from SB3 Ceramic Coatings. We are here to provide the high-quality ceramic coating that helps preserve your paint as good as the show car looks.
We have access to entire range leading up to 7 years 10H coating, Trinity 3 layers Coating.
Save yourself the headache of waxing your vehicle every few months and inquire about SB3 Coating today.

Ceramic Coating Benefits:
Ceramic coatings are a semi-permanent barrier applied between your vehicles paint and the harsh environmental elements it is subjected to on a day to day basis (including bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain, environmental fallout etc).
  • Adds Extremely Durable Clear Coating to Paint
  • Low Maintenance – Never have to wax your car again
  • Hydrophobic Coating – Sheds dirt with a simple rinse
  • Harder Than Typical Clear Coat – Increased scratch resistance
  • Chemically Resistant – Cannot be removed by harsh car wash soaps
  • Acid Resistant – Such as acidic bird droppings
  • Increased UV Protection
  • Increased Depth of Gloss – Will not oxidize
  • Approximately 100 times thicker than any wax or sealant

We have different packages to meet your budget with Solo 1 year protection, Omega 2-year protection, or Alpha 5-year protection and Trinity 7 year protection.
Call us at 510-345-4545 to get your quote today